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the answer may make you angry . plus is the pentagon decision to put a combat role a good one. some say yes and some say no. keep tup people
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can lance armstrong be sued over lying? the shocking story that certain news host paid close attention to, greg? >> thank you greg. >> no, i didn't. i didn't discuss you. we haven't talked about anything. >> you disgreg. >> i discuss you. >> you discuss me when you thought i wouldn't hear. >> i didn't say anything about you so i didn't discuss you. >> you should go away. >> maybe before i go away. >> we'll welcome our guest. he's so cute. former. and former white house press secretary and one of my co-host on the five. >> and he's so sharp he dates
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real knives . his book is called the lizard king. he is sweet and called a meet ball. >> look at that. oh, my. and a com-edic genius i would beat him off in florida. comedian sherad small. >> i vote for beyonce. >> and i apologize. >> okay, it is a flope eared bunny make you act funny. new research said looking at animals or babies trigger aggression or as it is known cute aggression. you can't stand it or handle it, that kind of thing. yale researchers found out that people holding bubble wrap popped more bubbles watching cute images than any other. it is unclear why cuteness has
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the affect. but seeing a wide-eyed baby or rolly polypuff has a desire to care for that creature. frustration could lead to aggression . what examples of adorableness were used. stuff like that is a next one. oh. it it is on the crotch. next. or this. that was me playing the piano.
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even this . this. can oh. maybe this. oh, it is. [laughing] even this.
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i want to smash this glass table and every window in the room. sharod. howangry are you right now and is there any way to use it to your advantage. >> those adorable made me hate illegal aliens. >> i want to hold them and cuddle them and then punch things . >> i thought you were for immigration reform. >> i was before i saw the puppy. i like how you are going after illegal immigrants. >> illegal immigrant can go but the pupep stays. >> when we watched the videos, i look over and dana goes like this. oh. literally made that noise
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and that made me want to punch things. oh. oh, it is a long day. >> it was actually. i shoot or bored. it was trying to outcute them. >> it was a glass cup and it cracked in my hand and want to wallow. >> it is past my bed time and most of america. >> it is adorable. >> i don't understand how people can make each other yawn . yawning is contagious. you can't make an animal yawn but an animal can make you yawn. >> what a cute observation. can you get cuter than that. can we have super imposed fairy wings. i would go bananas . if that kept somebody there until 2:00 a.m. it is worth it. >> why did yale do this study.
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did other people cure cancer. >> we are spending billions a year and yale has an endowment of a billion dollars and we have graduate students putting and making people watch cat video and giving them bubble wrap. i am not a psychologist. >> wow, that is not cute. i am not a psychologist. but seriously this is the entire study. make you watch the cat video and pop the bubbles and then. >> to be fair, only one dude cured polio. i don't know what the rest of the students was doing. >> the thing is, when women see a baby, it is so cute and want to pinch the cheeks. there is something to it. women will say oh, i can't stand it. i am going to eat him up. >> literature covered it well when liny smothered the puppy. >> the bunny.
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>> i don't remember. but your favorite movie spice club when jared was beaten up. >> he wanted to destroy something beautiful. >> exactly. >> and the weird thing. i thought he was hotter when half of his face was pulp. i was more turned on to that. the agas am. when they react almost sexually . this, i prefer the anger because it is far less creepy than the orgas'm. >> and the study and this is my theory. let's say there is a researcher with a serious like fetish and he can't find a way to get people in the fetish and this fetish is i would like to see young students popping bubble wrap and i am too embarrassed and he came up with a study. i will have people look at
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cute videos and tell them to pop the bubble wrap. he's pretending he is measuring angry and he is master baiting. >> you described how civilization came. >> and take the little puppy and going to get you and pop it in front of his face and he loves it. >> that was adorable. >> i hate to break it to you dana. cuteness is a sham and a survival instinct. >> they have evolved to be that way so we don't kill them. >> not only babies. babies are wide-eyed and baby head mel. it is a good smell. >> you want a good study. a lot of an mams east their young they are the ungly ones. most of the animals. >> they wouldn't have been
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here. thank you jennie craig, because of you i am alive. >> happith 40th anniversary. >> jennie craig prevented infanticide. she prevents that. from ugly babies. >> infanticide. >> i just lost my glasses. have we killed the topic. >> show a picture of jasper for god sakes. >> somebody up. you want to know what that looks like. what is it about that picture. i am sorry. it is gross jasper is a cat. >> i know it is not so cute. that is disgusting. worst cat i have seen. >> 14 year old armenian boy. with a skin condition. >> good for you adopting the creature. >> from sweet to saggy. can pants that sink lead to the clink.
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psa from the black mental health alliance is telling youngsters to pull up their jeans or they could go to jail. >> so you think you look good wearing your pants like that. underwear exposed and hip-hop style. well, there is something you may not know. you could be fined $300 and placed in the state prison three years and put in county jail two years. you think it is cool, it is the law, pull up your pants and respect yourself. >> yeah, that will learn them. >> fine print in the bottom of the ad. possible three year prison sentence for gross lewdness and now called dana's law. for more we'll go live to massachusetts.
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>> what did i tell you. first gay marriage and then dogs walking horses. >> even white dogs got horses. [laughing] >> even white dogs got a horse. i'll be damned. >> yes, he was half black. >> god. was that real footage? no, it was cgi by the man. >> it is a expert on saggy pants. will, what did you make of the ad. >> how they made up the law. i like the law to get rid of the fashion trend and telling them they are going to jail . cross or go to prison.
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>> gladiator boots. >> what are gladiator boots? >> it is like the leather ones that come to your knees and you have hole in them. and then you have to wear them. it is like a real show. it is fun. remember you used to answer for the president and now you are watching cat videos commenting . you used to be one of the most powerful people in the country, what happened? >> we are at 3:00 in the morning. >> i pray he's not watching. >> don't worry. she just had an out of body experience on hair. this is amazing. i want to comfort you.
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i have such points about >> you used to have a white house chef and now eating crappy cookies in your green room. >> dana, what do you make of the adand opinions. >> i will tell you, i hate this look . when i lived on capitol hill, i loved the grandma who lived next to me. they were two good kids. i don't want to see your pants down around your rear end. you have to make up a law to get people to pull up their pants and this is what nides to happen. you need beyonce and miriah carey who say that is hidous. >> yeah, the women. >> i would never go out with a guy who did their pants. >> if a girl wouldn't date a dude they wouldn't do it everything they do it for the girls. >> peek for yourself.
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>> 35 percent. >> i think bill does. he is a mentor. >> thank you. watch your english. and we had this discussion in the green room, what are the origins of this? >> prison. >> and then there is two competing thoughts of how it started in prison. my buddy said from belt removal so they don't kill themselves and secretly they have to hold their pants up and makes them only have one hand. >> no. >> first of all, it is definitely belt removal. sneakers with no laces. that was a thing that came back to the hood. same thing with the belt . also for when you are spoken for in prison. somebody knows he's poken for. >> and when i used to wear my pants like that my cell mate called me easy acess.
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>> that is your initials. >> is that like empathy fashion and you go back to the hood and your uncle maybe in prison and you want to dress like him? >> yeah, yeah. kind of like looking up to silliness . sometimes that becomes fashion and cool. >> like wearing red around glasses. it hasn't caught on. >> and somebody else will wear them. >> and they don't bother to take a shot at me. >> and what is he talking about. something about red glasses. >> they are already checked out. they direct and so they are on the way out. >> i have a theory. shouldn't the jeans company make jeans with underwear in them.>> that is interesting and you could sell that. >> you don't wash your jeans every day and if your underwear is inside of your. >> i have a medical problem
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and i wash every day. >> what if you have a pair of genes that you can wear and they are not hanging. >> yes. anyway get caught and the cops catch them and they fall and break their neck. >> that is funny. >> and they wallow razor blade and alcohol. >> that happened in dc. >> it is a silly look. >> sometimes girls do it, too. >> and we are okay with that. >> i am good with that. >> little booty showing. >> hey, even ape big one. [laughing] >> i am not. >> i don't see it. >> i got to control this at some point. what is a good way to keep warm on nights.
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>> can you sue if a book is untrue. a class action lawsuit against lance armstrong after he admitted to years of doping. the two california mean are claiming fraud and false advertising wouldn't have bought. if they had known he was a cheating, cheater. one of the dudes is pissed
8:23 pm
about tricked into reading. >> so american. the suit notes although he does not buy or read many books. he found armstrong's book incredibly and compel recommended the book to several friends. they react to the new that is his new owner can legally keep him. that is a far better place. sherrod, you are ticked by lance and the sport of cycling. >> no, i being sick of behind canter. anti. right. >> way to take it >> i actually a book store in australia, one of the employees said we are moving all of the lance armstrong to the fiction section. because it is full of lies. >> thanks for explaining that and it is untrue.
8:24 pm
>> thanks for backing that up. >> will, this guy ever going to make another dollar? >> you know, what, the thing i like about lance armstrong is the fact that he's robbed the people who looked up to him. it is bacon eye freak of nature he can put petal faster than the next guy set to work with him. one thing that is concerning about this is the guy we are just talking about. the guy tricked in a reading. republican consultant for a readingment apparently in the story that puts the election in context. >> it was not in the read which was also interesting, too. >> dana,. >> i read that arcticle. >> good for you. >> republican, political consultant rob stutzman second sentence. >> i didn't doubt that. >> here's the question.
8:25 pm
can women sue him who slept with him under false pretenses. i went home with you because you said, i thought you were a tour de france winner. >> isn't that what dating is all about? i don't know that anymore. i am like way past that. but they are not complaining that he didn't write the book. they are complaining his whole life was a fraud. were they so scarred by this they have to sue him. remember a couple of months ago, we found out the travels with charlie were a fiction. it is not a class lawsuit who read steinbeg. >> i think some woman slept with him and he had two scrotia. he lied about that. >> your book, bill. my incredible life as the
8:26 pm
first man on the moon was a huge hit in the third world; is that a hit. >> are we on in the third world? >> this is kind of. i am a dry flub guy. everyone does literary license or changes things in the story line to move the plot a lot. what makes other people not want to sue for changing the name here or making it happen in 1980 than 1975. >> like you, if you played football or something like that and you really didn't. >> or she is right. bill is right. i read michael landon's story and he came up with the name half pint and he lied. he didn't come up with it. it was a stage hand. i happen to know that. michael landon. >> you are a weird man. >> what are you talking about. >> this is going to be awkward
8:27 pm
when killing kennedy and killing lincoln are exposed as frauds they are . how many people are going to say. >> it is a small name and bigger and vice verse a. hey, we have to comment on this e-mail us at fox you have a video of your animal doing something. click on some of the video. we might use it half time report from andy lee. he's a fraud. >> half time report is sponsored by coziness. that state thanks coziness. in ag out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready
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>> we are back . for that we go do andy. >> i am good, thanks. >> that's right we edited that part where we asked you how you were. >> yeah. to save time. >> yeah. >> now that you brought it up again. >> we made the whole segment go longer than it needed to be. >> we sure did, greg. >> maybe you shouldn't have responded to something that was out and we haven't that problem. >> watching cute videos makes you aggressive a. >> you said would to hold animals or immigrantings. >> he said althoughiens.
8:32 pm
>> i call it. illegal aliens. that counts mexico and space. >> will, you don't like the money spent on the study and you know we used to cure things like polio. the study aimed at curing polio and althiemers and cancer. that is for the super start genius that learned medical and scientific stuff. what about the rest of us, will. should we not be eligible for the sweet research money? >> this is a good point it is better to be a guinea pig on the double pop than on the althiemers study. good point, andy. >> some people need post graduate dregrees and need mon yefunding. >> they should have stuck with another major. >> you mentioned the fight club norton beat the crap out of leno. i thought he was saving us
8:33 pm
from awful music. >> he fail would. amazing. third odd full of grunt is a great band. have you listened to the latest album it is rockability. 30 second toz mars. >> oh. is it that? >> i love jarrod in gladeator. what you did there was butcher russell crow's band name. >> it is. you really thought i said that was the name? >> i sure did. oh, my lord. you are weirdos that e-mail us. >> weird you should something wrong though. >> come on now. i covered myself there by making fun of you. >> dana, you mentioned jasper, who is that? >> jasper is my puppy. >> you have a puppy. >> yes. >> you should talk about it.
8:34 pm
>> calendar and popular calendar and collector's item. i give one for geg for christmas and he made fun of me merclessly . the puppy is a nine month old and cute. >> that's it. wow, you are losing it. >> andy is thinking about his cat. >> yeah. >> i know, i don't think enough people know that dana has a dog. you need to get that out there, dan a. maybe if you tweeted more about it. >> good advice. >> she's giving you dagger eyes. >> i know. here's why i don't trust the study. researchers told the participants they were studying motor activity and . they be lying to us. >> excellent point. >> pull up your pants thing. dana you hate this look and what is needed is not a law
8:35 pm
but people like beyonce and miriah carey say it is an awful look. you are assuming they think that. >> maybe we could pay them to say that. >> they don't do it for money. >> airingings are only 180 million. >> true. >> i mean to get somebody like victoria jackson or victoria jackson. >> or katherine webb. the new hot model. >> give somebody like rosy odonnle. she is a tough girl. not everyone shares your taste in women. >> right. i like them where they wear a utility belt. >> throw it around a bit. >> i like the tough broad. >> i am with you on this, will.
8:36 pm
this massachusetts law they cite has never been applied to saggy pants. >> the larger point of the story, aren't we just glad that people are just still wearing pants? >> no, we are not. no. you speak for yourself, sir. >> i give it five more years. >> i think the fabric jail movement will begin shortly. >> the what? >> we are living in fabric jail. >> each one much us are living in a fabric jail. >> played prison. >> and by the way, you talk body the prison and the idea that it start in prison not wearing the belt. there is another theory about that, too. >> the lowered pant in prison signified that you were available. >> i told them in the green room that's what it is all about. they were so prudish they didn't want to bring it up.
8:37 pm
>> i thought i would throw it in. >> only way to find out. >> could we actually find the person who knows and started it? >> i got a cusin. -- cousin. >> and good method. >> and he was on the string thing. >> it is correct. >> he is more of an it. >> and lance armstrong suit. you like that australia book moving armstrong's book to the fiction section. he didn't do it. but the employee put it up. >> the library did do that. >> i said they didn't want to. >> who goes to library. >> australia is okay and know how to handle stuff. they know how to handle lance armstrong. >> that was a nice burn notice. he will not find out about it because it happened in
8:38 pm
australia. >> bill, stop it >> maybe that is where the pant things. >> australia is awesome. >> it is the greatest country on the planet. >> and will, you brought up the fact that one . people bringing up the lawsuit was a republican consultant. the saddest thing about this. is that in the lawsui itself although stu not buy or red many books. >> i think the host brought that up three times. >> did he. i thought he didn't know it was a republican consultant. >> i did mention he didn't read many books. >> that is only half of it. we get to the part where fudge got in trouble. if is a panic rate . we are making small talk and get to the point where his
8:39 pm
favorite author is lance armstrong. ornings lance. >> you know, he's quite a writer. >> great way to counter the notion that the republican party is a stupid party. >> greg, we'll edit out the part of o'reilly's book. >> are you serious? >> there is a lot of horrible untrue things said. >> if it was not the starch on your shirt there would be nothing holding you up. >> is that for andy or -- >> we could leave it a mystery. >> you should read a mystery book. >> this is not the first time a lawsuit happened. randon house settled a lawsuit over james fry's million little pieces and anyone who bought the book was eligible for a refund. >> what does he have in common
8:40 pm
with lance armstrong. >> drugs and oprampt >> always a black woman connection. >> james fry is worth millions. >> so is lance armstrong. >> cheat, you get mon yethat's how it workings. >> great message for the kids, sherrod. barry bonds, everybody's rich. everybody rich. >> are they rich in memories. barack obama. >> cheat, cheat. >> that's what it sounded like. cheat. >> it is the american way. sherrod i think the message is that money is not everything. greg, you caught that. >> yeah. >> money is not. >> yeah. you said something. it is successful. >> and you have the scribble. >> do i. >> just lastly, i want to congratulate you making it through the first half of the show without lying. >> you were not even here. >> you think i would let it
8:41 pm
go. >> i didn't knowingly lie. >> didn't you, >> manti ta'o. >> i think he has manage in common. >> you thought this is my chance to lie and not get called on it. >> i buy charmin in bulk and fill would my refrigerator after that show. >> how many people tweeted. thank you for the helpful tip. i never heard that before. >> you know which one of your followers have the fiber issues when they thank you for that. >> i put the toilet in the freezer and took my dinners and hit them in the bowl. >> oh. >> where they below. >> they will end up there anyway. >> cut out the middle man. >> it is true. music is starting. coming up. shooting at the walls of heartaches. bang, bang, i am a warrior.
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a new survey of american couples has blown the lid off night time attire. most of us prefer pajamas. according to the massive on line poll 30 percent of the people go to bed with the buff and it should be known it was mostly white people over 35 or dana called them the only group that matters. >> unbelievable. >> lightning round. >> first of all typical white poom sleeping in the nude and
8:46 pm
not using a wash cloth when you wash. >> that is a rumor. >> you know white people. and back me up camera three. you can hear that he does. i don't sheep in the nude because you know what i am dealing w. i wake up all tangled up like indiana jones. >> snakes, snakes. this is talking about pajamas and not talking about a garden hose. >> i don't. what happened to pajamas and when did people stop carrying about pajamas that. is america's night wear. you know, as a catholic i have
8:47 pm
to say the repersian and shame alluring and totally in favor of this. >> i don't know. dana, -- >> i like the kind with the feet. >> you do? >> it is cold. >> i am wearing the brave stuff, greg. >> you got me in a pie, don't get me. >> and that is a paiamas. >> it is the placid bottoms. being a kid was great. >> going down the stairs. >> i didn't have stairs in my home. it must be nice. [laughing] you had a pony. >> named sally. >> she had pony named sally . house had two floors. >> it was a ranch house with a basement. >> cellar. >> like a barbie story. >> i think you know, the
8:48 pm
pajamas are an important industry in america. it is a big style industry and needs to support it . therefore you need to buy pajamas. >> there needs to be a pajama board like the raisen board . they need to have a celebrity to represent a spokesperson like andre from outcast. >> he wears pajamas. >> you know a lot of pajamas is made out of the country. >> reporting supporting people. >> they are usually flammable. >> and bill, you sleep in your own that is a pajamas. >> you donated me pajamas that were covered in glas lin. you know i in bed. >> yes, i do. i can barely feel my chest right now it is third degree from here down. >> the end of the pajamas.
8:49 pm
everybody loves raymond t-shirt and sweat pant combo. >> i think it central heat. >> no. >> when the world, most of the world in america got central heat you didn't need to wear pajamas because it was warmer. >> you use pajamas like short. >> and you don't. sleep in your boxerings. >> when hugh hefener wore that it was creepy sweat. only option is shorty robs. >> we are dudes and whatever our pajamas and what we don't wear outside anymore. >> true. you know your life is over when you drive somewhere in your pajamas. >> it is something we sleep in a hole in the knee. >> i love these sweats. >> that is a cute thing for a
8:50 pm
company. >> i love these sweats. >> i can go in the shark tank with that. yes, i got a patent on i love these sweats. >> i am out. >> one of the best luxuries is able to afford nice pajamas . it has a matching jacket with the silk. >> nothing says you make in life. than coordinated with nice pajamas and you wear all by yourself even when no one is there. >> they are a little team. >> and thank you. and i got real heat. why do you need this with a celestial. and actually. it is celestial. >> and that is judging people. >> we have more stuff to talk about. and the latest book. new york's best seller and
8:51 pm [ female announcer ] your smile. like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips. overmany discounts to thine customs! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts,
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we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. moreiscounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
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>> banning it to whites. new york's war on soda is bad for the minorists. it will hurt minority
8:55 pm
businesses . hurt low income communities. will, what do you make of the story in the end of the hour that i have lost interest in. >> we joke about but the soda thing is a big deal. a guy in the office who is drinking 30 or 40 pounds a day . we had to shame thishim out of it. >> you soda shamed him. tucker carlson has recovered and no longer wearing the girdle. >> ebay that girdle. >> mike bloomburg had naacp with him when he made the announcement and now look being at coca-cola and bottling companies. i can't believe they would be bought. i would pay for the programs you would like. soda companies gave money.
8:56 pm
>> it was naacp standing with bloomburg. i thought it was a church choir. my boys laugh at that. >> that is a joke i would not get. >> a bunch of plaque where people standing behind. >> i get it >> don't treat me like a am o'reilly. >> and so what, i don't think it is wrong to give to minoriteses. get rid of the food deserts . in the hood, you can't get options. there is no options. why you take up the bad thing and you bring in the good thing. food desert. >> i never heard thav before. >> and it is a whole campaign for walmart. bad neighborhoods that don't have produce. it is a problem. >> we are trying to not replace anything and just taking. >> live in randall's island. me and a couple of soccer
8:57 pm
field and i find a tode stool and i trip and where am i? >> oh, my god. yeah, right. it is the post game wrap up. go to fox news slash red eye. [ female announcer ] your smile.
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like other precious things that start off white, it yellows over time. when it comes to your smile, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Lance Armstrong 9, Dana 7, Advil 6, Humira 5, Australia 5, Greg 4, Sally 2, Whitestrips Whiten 2, Naacp 2, Lord 2, Miriah Carey 2, Victoria Jackson 2, Jennie Craig 2, New York 2, Michael Landon 2, Lymphoma 2, Whitestrips 2, Ag 1, Devry University 1, Oosing Advil 1
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